The blue shirt, an menswear essential! Always exquisite.

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A blue dress shirt is a true investment in a modern man's wardrobe. From a business meeting to a late night date, this garment is a menswear essential.”

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A crisp white shirt is so predictable. It lacks color. On the other hand, a blue dress shirt is a guaranteed best friend in a modern man’s wardrobe. It is as classic and versatile as a white shirt, but it adds a splash of hue to an ensemble. (Please read our article on pastel colored shirt.) Regardless of the blue tint or fabric, a well-tailored blue shirt will assure style, nonchalant elegance and sartorial refinement.

Blue Shirt, A Classic Essential in Menswear. A Timeless Fashion.
Blue shirt, a classic essential in menswear. A timeless garment.

Buying quality over low-priced fashion

A well-informed consumer should always think about the longevity of a garment and how (where) the garment was produced. It is easy to go to any multinational retail-clothing companies to find an affordable option. A low-priced item means a low-cost production. Behind a small price tag, there is less quality (almost none) and perhaps even lesser ethics. A $20 shirt is a cool bargain, but is really worth it?

Today’s shoppers are not totally uninformed about a cheap shirt’s supply chain : cheap labor in a third world country, unkind manufacturer’s salary, inhuman work conditions and a sneaky marketing scheme to hide is all. How would fashionistas feel if they had to work all day every day for less than $10 per day? Instead of contributing to the destructive and exploitative cycle of cheap fashion, consumers have the duty to choose more ethical brands.

“Behind a $20 bargain, there is less quality and perhaps even lesser ethics : inhuman work conditions in a third world country and a sneaky marketing scheme to hide is all.”

As a first step to buy quality and integrity, shoppers should look at the origin of a garment : USA, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, The United Kingdom, etc. Yes, a garment will cost more but that means it was produced to a standard of great quality by people that were properly paid for their craftsmanship. Creating beautiful objects takes time : that amount of time and development is reflected in the price tag. It is worth it. From a nationalist point of view (not political, but ethical), buying from your own country helps to keep jobs and labor in the country.

A Quality Blue Shirt, A Classic Essential in Menswear. A Timeless Fashion.
Made in Italy. Quality over a discount sale tag.

A blue shirt is like any other blue shirt, right?

No. Every shirt is different for the same reasons every person is different. The differences are in the subtle characteristics. Those subtle characteristics make up a personality. Yes, a shirt has a personality : the fabric, the fit and the color.

For a well-tailored professional look, some types of shirts must be avoided. The oversized shirts of the 90s and the skin tight gigolo shirts of the early 2000s can be given to a charity organization. When it comes to fit, there is a middle ground. Shirts should allow men to move their arms freely. A well-fitted shirt must not be stretched on the belly. If the belly button can be seen through the fabric, the shirt is too tight. If the shirt can float in the wind, it is too large. The garment should be loose around the abdomen and fitted around the shoulder.

“If the belly button can be seen through the fabric, the shirt is too tight. If the shirt can float in the wind, it is to large.”

When it comes to fabric, there are 3 options : cotton, linen and silk. Cotton is king : comfortable, easy to care for and affordable. A 100% cotton shirt is best! Linen is a “heavier” fabric. A 100% linen shirt is not as soft to the touch as cotton. The fabric weaving is more visible and thicker. Silk is fancy. Silk lining is often used in luxurious garments like in Savile Row or in haute couture. A 100% silk shirt can be fun to wear on special occasion because of its shiny surface. Do not mistake silk and polyester…

Everyone should stay away from a polyester shirt. Polyester is plastic. Polyester is inconvenient for two main reasons :

  1. it does not breath (the overly sweaty look is not desirable);
  2. it wrinkles and it crinkles easily.

From the office to a dinner date

Colored and patterned shirts are risky. When building a look, colors and patterns must be well thought. They do not mix and match easily. Simple blue shirts are the best. 

A Blue Shirt Modern Style. A Quality Blue Shirt, A Classic Essential in Menswear.
Styled with jeans and a fitted leather jacket for the office. Casual, yet professional.

In today’s society, everyone is busy. Being a single lad is time-consuming : driven at work, focused on working out and active in the dating scene. Being a single father is worst: driven by fatherhood duties, focused on the children’s well-being and active in the divorce court. Men are busy creatures and they need easy solutions.

Looking good and being confident is the goal. A well-tailored blue shirt is a man’s best friend :

  1. Worn with a leather jacket, a pair of distressed jeans and wayfarer sunglasses, it exudes effortless coolness;
  2. Paired with a dark navy suit and a red tie, it is a chic timeless look;
  3. A jeans shirt worn with a pair of chino pants is the new modern go-to look;
  4. Accompanied with a pair of white pants and a pair of leather loafers, it is a preppier urban option.

In conclusion

Regardless of the style, a well fitted blue shirt is an easy solution to any look.

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