Canada’s The Big Apple, in Ontario on Highway 401

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The Big Apple is a charming rest stop when you are travelling through Ontario. The true beauty of The Big Apple is its humbleness, the food and the museum.”

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Canada, the land of the moose: wild, wide and full of nature. Canada is obviously a country of its own, but the comparison to its southern neighbor is inevitable. While travelling  through Canada, visitors can sometimes see how this northern country is a small-scale version of the USA – its more famous neighbor. “Small-scale” because its population is smaller, its economy is lesser and some Canadian attractions are humbler… much humbler.

One of those humbler Canadian attractions is Ontario’s “The Big Apple”Humble is the exact word to describe Canada’s Big Apple. It has nothing to do with NYC’s Big Apple. We cannot compare New York City and Cramahe – it is like comparing an ant to a titan. It would not be fair. Nevertheless, Ontario’s The Big Apple is a noteworthy stop.

Ontario's Big Apple Must See. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
The Big Apple’s big welcome sign.

How to far is it?

Motivation and lots of free time are key requirements to get to Ontario’s The Big Apple. Its glitz is a notch under New York City’ shine, but its mysterious location makes up for it greatly. To get to The Big Apple, it is almost a matter of luck because it is very easy to miss the highway exit. Yes, the highway exit. It is impossible to get there without a car. Visitors must rent a car and have a good playlist. From Ottawa, it is at least a three-hour drive. From Montreal, travelers will have to listen to Justin Bieber’s Believe album five times. From Toronto, it requires more than two hours of driving in an insane traffic. If visitors are located in Vancouver, they might as well go to Japan instead. The Big Apple is not next door… The Big Apple is located on Highway 401 at Exit #497 in Ontario, Canada. To see its location, please click here for the map. Once visitors get there, they will be greeted by… The Big Apple itself. 

Ontario's Big Apple Rest Stop. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
The Big Apple, indeed.

What can visitors do?

Jokes aside, The Big Apple is a charming rest stop when traveling through Ontario. Along the highway 401, drivers can find several Ontario’s OnRoute rest stops. OnRoute are rest stops made of gas stations, fast-food restaurants and an acceptable Wi-Fi connection. Ontario’s The Big Apple offers a more pleasant and memorable experience than those OnRoute rest stops. This Canadian attraction was built with love. Friends and families will be charmed by it.

Ontario's Big Apple Rest Stop Welcome. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
The Big Apple is a great rest stop.

This rest stop has everything to remind tourists why true passion is handcrafted. Everyone will find something to eat and snack on :

  • homemade apple pies and other delicious bakery goods
  • freshly pressed apple cider
  • unique wines and spirits
  • savory fast foods
  • great vegetarian meals and other vegan options
  • organic artisan products
  • magic juices and beverages
  • lots of candies
  • lots of fancy chocolates
  • clean comfortable bathrooms
Ontario's Big Apple Products and Food. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
Lots of great souvenirs to bring as gifts.

When the weather permits, families can play mini golf and visit the small animal farm. Kids will love it. The Big Apple is a magical place for parents when their children get cranky after a long drive.

Ontario's Big Apple Mini Golf. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
The mini golf is open during summer.

The Big Apple itself

The most unusual activity at The Big Apple is The Big Apple itself. Literally. Drivers will first notice a big red sphere from the highway. This colorful sculpture is not just a smiling statue, it is a museum within the mascot. It is an eerie place inside, yet a visit one of a kind…

Ontario's Big Apple Museum. Canada's Humble Tourist Attraction to Visit.
Yes, that is in the museum.

Once inside the mascot, adults will be reminded of their childhood nightmares : dark and narrow staircases, creepy teddy bears, creepier cartoons and an overall feeling of being watched. Nothing to be afraid of… As visitors go deeper and higher inside the mascot, they will eventually see the light. Throughout the ascension, the museum tells the history of The Big Apple. A story of passion and devotion! On the top of the museum, a great view of the Canadian kingdom and fresh air can be enjoyed. From a very optimistic point of view, it is almost like climbing the Empire State Building. Almost.

The Big Apple in Ontario, small but worth it!

The true beauty of Canada’s The Big Apple is how humble it is. Instead of stopping at any Ontario’s OnRoute, tourists can witness the passion that Canadians have for apples, family fun and homemade pies. How can anyone say no to that?

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